Mike Kovack is...


Auditor Kovack believes in giving back to the community – and he practices what he preaches!

Over the past 35 years there is practically no organization in the county he has not been a part of.  From President of the Red Cross (twice), to board member of Kiwanis, to elementary school volunteer, to the Brunswick, Medina, Wadsworth, Lodi, Seville & Valley City Chambers of Commerce, Mike is deeply involved in our community!

Best of all, when he sees a problem he acts!  When the Medina County Animal Shelter was filled to capacity, requiring the practice of euthanization, Mike started the Pet Adopt-a-thon. Over the past 20 years this event has helped find “forever homes” for nearly 1,000 pets!

When the Great Recession hit Medina County, Mike partnered up with a non-profit organization from Cleveland to bring mortgage counseling and foreclosure assistance to local residents. The result? Over 650 local families got to keep their homes - and those 650 homes did not become foreclosures in Medina County.


A natural-born leader, his quick thinking, community connections, and deep involvement with local organizations has repeatedly shown Mike Kovack to be an invaluable asset to Medina County in times of need or crisis.

It's not just his response to crises that matters though; how he manages the Auditor's office on an average day is possibly the most important of all.  Auditor Kovack treats your tax dollars like his own!  His office is spending nearly the same amount of tax dollars today as the year before he took office – in 1992!  For perspective, County general fund spending is up over 200% during that same time frame. We need more of that financial expertise in office today!

Keep Kovack Our Auditor!

Great for us – Great for Medina County!